Ksenia Borodina remembered her values

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The TV presenter used to rest with her grandmother.

Ksenia Borodina. Photo: social networks

TV star Ksenia Borodina indulged in nostalgia in her microblog. The popular presenter visited a village shop near Moscow on the way home, and he reminded her of her childhood. And the girl said that it used to be more valuable for her to spend time with her grandmother than to fly to Italy.

“I love such shops, they remind me of my village… And I loved it so much, more than Italy. I didn’t understand why I should spend the summer in Italy, when there is the village of Maksimkovo, “the star said.

Ksenia Borodina about her village. Photo: social networks

It will be recalled that Ksenia Borodina lived as a child in two countries – Russia and Italy. Because her parents divorced and her mother remarried the Italian and moved in with him. Ksenia stayed in Moscow, but left for the summer. As it turned out, for her such trips were not desirable.

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