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Ksenia Borodina is sure that Buchynbalte is affected by Grant’s adventures at House 2

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The day before his departure with daughters Theona and Marusya to Dubai appeared on the air of House 2 host Ksenia Borodin. And she said she was convinced that Christina Buchynbalte was offended by Grant’s adventures at House 2.
Ksenia Borodina is sure that Buchynbalte is affected by Grant's adventures at House 2
In the evening air on March 1, 2022, it will become clear that Chris is not only commenting behavior of Artem Grant, assuring that she was the initiator parting. And that the former young man is no longer interested in her, but the indifferent brunette can not pass by any of his flirtations with rivals.

At the same time, Bukhynbalte is fighting with other girls who are showing Artem Grant signs of attention, claiming that the song for the “Seychelles Vacation” contest was written by Yevgeny Romashov for her. And everyone is trying to show that she is the “queen of drama”. Only the experienced presenter Borodina does not believe.

Not by chance Ilya Yabbarov’s wife Anastasia Gold claims that in the conflict of Yulia Belaya with Nastya Bigrina, the provocateur was Christina, who still does not leave indifferent the adventures of her former gentlemen. Ksenia Borodina is right in this opinion, don’t you think?

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