Ksenia Borodina exposed Katya Zhuzha in an unsightly light

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A few years ago, a black cat ran between Ksenia Borodina and Katya Zhuzha. The stars did not communicate for a long time and periodically spoke sarcastically towards each other. However, in January of this year, having met in one of Moscow’s restaurants, the TV presenters finally decided to talk and no longer hold grudges against each other.

Now Ksenia and Katya communicate as if nothing had happened, as evidenced by their social networks. So, the day before, 39-year-old Borodina shared in her account a short video of a fun pastime with Zhuzha.

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I must say that this time Borodin put his girlfriend not in the best shape. In the video, 34-year-old Katya is fooling around and grimacing, showing her second chin. And Borodin, filming his girlfriend on video, praises her for her natural beauty.

“And the Beetle is good, she says that the filters are not removed,” – says Borodin.

don’t miss itWhy did Katya Zhuzha miss Ksenia Borodina’s birthday?

Apparently, Zhuzha is not against his appearance on social networks of his girlfriend in this form.

“Ksyuha is my love. I always told this to everyone (even when we weren’t talking). She wrote the truth! I really, when I saw her in a restaurant, even started crying from how I was covered, how I missed her! I wrote to her first, and it’s not a humiliation. These are real feelings! She answered me, and we are together now. I am insanely happy that fate has brought us together again, ”Katya said earlier about the resumption of friendship with Borodina.

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