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Kristen Stewart has admitted that she wants to return to the role of Princess Diana

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The Twilight star was imbued with the image of a royal person.

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The role of Princess Diana Spencer not only brought actress Kristen Stewart Golden Globe and Oscar nominations, but also deeply touched the 31-year-old Twilight star.

And the actress does not see in the iconic British princess any sublime features. On the contrary, for her it is quite an ordinary person, in tune with many modern people.

“The idea was to tell a story about a woman who needed to break free, and it’s absolutely about Diana Spencer, but also about you and me. It’s like if you can’t talk, if you’re in a muzzle, if you can’t express yourself freely, you explode. This man’s story is actually supernormal. So, despite the fact that she has a unique experience, it is very versatile, “Stewart said in an interview with Gold Derby.

The actress noted that the “most normal and most touching” thing in Princess Diana is her motherhood. Through this incarnation, Kristen penetrated her character.

The movie star also answered the question of whether she wants to play Lady Dee again.

“If I had played it in another period of her life, everything would have been different. But it was bottomless fascinating, – Stewart shared. “I don’t mind doing it again.” I want to play it again. “

Recall that the film “Spencer” was released in December 2021. He talks about the Christmas holidays when Princess Diana decided to leave the British royal family.

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