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Krapivina attacked Danilko: it’s time for you to get involved with alcohol and take a sober look

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48-year-old Andrei Danilko recalled a video in which Loboda talks about how difficult it is for her to go through what is happening and at the same time cries. The singer said this during an interview: “When I saw crying, I was annoyed, I had no empathy. I see this falsehood. When you see this fifth double, it annoys me: “How did I cry in this double? Guys, let’s do more. ” Well, what is it? God forbid I’m wrong, but I have this feeling. “

Krapivina, who had previously invested her whole soul in cooperation with Svetlana, immediately expressed her opinion. “I didn’t want to go down to comment on all sorts of” flaws “and failures like Nastya Prikhodko, but I can’t pass up Danilko’s interview with Shikhman,” she shared.

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“Even in such a difficult time, Andrei Mikhailovich is not averse to earning political points and dividends by handing out interviews to the right and left of all those who are not lazy to listen to the same thing. I understand everything about my personal position, but when all the rhetoric comes down to stupidly shitting colleagues and declaring those who are “smoother” by Orwell’s standards, I wonder, “Who are the judges?” Natella asks. “It’s time for you, Andrei Mikhalych, to tie up with alcohol, I think, and look at everything with a sober look,” she added.

Krapivina listed the list of how Loboda invests in helping compatriots in need. For example, the star donated a decent amount to a charity fund, as well as donated a truck with food and medicine to mothers and children who asked for support.

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Natella asked Danilko a counter-question: “What have you done specifically during all this time, apart from discussing all colleagues on all possible platforms? I want you to answer me, if you are, of course, not too busy with another interview, in which you discuss how plausible the next artist cries in her video, and first of all, a woman. “

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