Kormukhina could sing no less successful songs than Meladze’s

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Singer Olga Kormukhina in a conversation with spoke about the musician Valeria Meladze, as well as about the rider of the musician, who recently appeared on social networks.

Valery Meladze. Photo: Global Look Press

“The guys are going to continue working and offer it all to the Russian oligarchs. I want to know: are Russian oligarchs Russian at all? ”

Olga Kormukhina

As the singer noted, she is an independent person.

“If I wanted to have great riders, I probably sang other songs. No less successful than y Melody. But I’m talking about something else on this earth, “said Olga Кормухина.

Earlier there was information that Valery Melody always ready to perform in front of Russian oligarchs, as, incidentally, in front of ordinary spectators. The musician’s rider was also published on the Internet. It has a lot of interesting details.

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