Korean group BTS has found older fans in Chelyabinsk: in honor of J-Hope’s birthday, pensioners ordered a congratulation on the TV tower, February 2022 |

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– Colleagues casually know about my passion [BTS], I did not tell my friends, at first I was even shy, I thought they would say, they say, something is wrong with the psyche, – says 74.RU Lydia. – And now it’s okay, everyone is welcome, some are already sitting on this case, I’ll tell you.

Fan Lydia prepared for our meeting – she wore a sweatshirt with her favorite boy band and even a manicure with the faces of idols. She says she first learned about BTS a few years ago. Then she had a big trouble – the woman lost 36 years old a son suffering from cancer.

“I don’t know, but for some reason I think he sent them to me so I wouldn’t die of grief,” Lydia continues. – I was in such a state, this longing, and here in the tape again and again I get a picture of these guys. Well, I started google, watch their clips, read translations of songs. It so happened that I went into music with my head. I realized that their work is in tune with my condition, my soul, my heart. They promote love – love for yourself, your loved ones, the world in general. They breathed new life into me. Absolutely. They made it clear that I had to live.

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