Korean fans call the moment when Chonguk from BTS looked “the most beautiful” in his career

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Chonguk from BTS has been working in the industry for almost 10 years, making his debut in 2013. Fans practically watched him grow before their eyes, turning from a young teenager into an incredible adult man.

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In ten years, he has demonstrated many images. From a cute teenager…

… To a charming adult…

… Hot rebel…

… And, of course, a sexual man.

But, according to the Korean ARMY, there was a time when he was at the peak of his beauty. Of course Chonguk always looks fantastic. By “beautiful” fans meant a moment when he looked like the very essence of a flower guy.

Known for his bold style and sensuality, Chonguk rarely looks like a flower boy. The moment came on October 11, 2019 during the concert BTS in Saudi Arabia.

He looked angelic in white.

Fans think that his medium length hair played a role in the image.

Of course, his clean skin and shining eyes made him very beautiful.

And look at this little hairpin!

Although fans know that Chonguk always beautiful, this moment has really become legendary. Korean ARMY commented:

  • “Our Chonguk is so beautiful. I love you, McNae. “
  • !! Those who love Chonguk’s long hair will come to life after seeing this post !! But we want to see him with short hair !! “
  • “Saudi Chonguk is so beautiful, isn’t it?”
  • “Our strong puppy who is beautiful is a woman,”
  • “Baby”,
  • “Chonguk looks like a comic book character. He said he would have long hair again, so I’m waiting for that. “
  • “It simply came to our notice then. Our Chonguk is good every minute, every hour, ”
  • “I knew he was handsome and beautiful, but then he looked especially innocent and mysterious.”
  • “He is very handsome. I fainted while watching. “

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