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Konstantin Ernst’s young wife takes the place of Renata Litvinova, who fled Russia

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Sophia Ernst will star in the play “North Wind”

Young wife Constantine Ernst conquers new heights of mastery. This time Sophia Ernst will play a major role instead of fleeing Russia Renata Litvinova. The latter, by the way, calls Sophia her favorite actress.

Renata Litvinova left for Europe almost a month ago. The actress and her cat Misha travel between France, England and Belgium, where her daughter lives. Ulyana from the billionaire Leonid Dobrovsky. And in Paris, the artist has a luxurious apartment in the city center.

Due to the unexpected departure of the actress, the tour of the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov was in danger of failure. Currently, several performances have been postponed.

Sofia Ernst will play the lead role instead of Renata Litvinova, who fled Russia. Photo: Global Look

However, in Tashkent, the audience will be able to see the play “North Wind” on April 16. The main role instead of Litvinova will be played by the star of the series “Contents” Sophia Ernst. “The role of Margarita will be played by Sophia Ernst. The tour will take place on the stage of GABT named after A. Navoi as part of the International Festival of Theater and Ballet “– the press service of the theater reported.

Renata, who is also the director of “North Wind”, apologized to the audience for not being able to attend the tour of the theater in St. Petersburg. Litvinova does not admit when she is going to return home.

“I will not come… and I apologize to my viewers and my artists. Thank you for your understanding… » Said the artist.

Main PHOTO: Kudryavtseva Larisa

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