Konstantin Bogomolov complained of health problems

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The director had to turn to specialists.

Konstantin Bogomolov admitted that he was losing his sight. The director wrote about this in his Telegram channel.

“It simply came to our notice then. On the advice of friends, he found himself in wonderful optics. In just one hour, I underwent a comprehensive diagnosis of my vision and was given medical and sunglasses, ”Bogomolov admitted.

Konstantin Bogomolov turns 46 this year. At this age, laser surgery is prohibited. But at a younger age, she can correct the situation, although there are contraindications. She told about it Irina Fedorova in a conversation with PopCornNews.

“In order to understand whether you need to have surgery or not, you need to find out the indications and contraindications. But this is only at a specialist’s appointment. It all depends on the degree of myopia, corneal thickness and age of the patient. There are many factors. The absolute contraindication to surgery is a thin cornea, as well as some dermatological diseases.

The specialist also warned that sitting at a computer for a long time has a very negative effect on vision. If there is a feeling of dry eyes, then you should have moisturizing drops on hand. It is also not superfluous to take vitamins of group A.

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