Kodinsk schools and libraries receive book “Amazing Far East”

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The presentation of the book “Amazing Far East” took place in the Center for Additional Education of Children of Kodinsk for the participants of the XX district scientific-practical conference of schoolchildren “First steps in science”. The popular science publication continues a series of books prepared by RusHydro in cooperation with the Children’s Book House Children’s Literature and Reading Culture Foundation. Employees of the Boguchanskaya HPP donated copies of the book to all branches of the Kezhemsky Central District Library named after A.A. Karnaukhov and all nine schools of the Kezhem district.

Kodinsk schools and libraries receive book

The content of the book “The Amazing Far East” is divided into three major sections. The first chapter contains articles on the geography and landscape of the Far East. In the second chapter you can read about the wildlife of Yakutia, Chukotka, Primorye: plants and animals that exist and become extinct. The third chapter is devoted to the history of the development of the Far East and its natives. The history of the region is strongly connected with the history of all of Russia and neighboring countries. A special role in the development and protection of the Russian Far East was played by heroes-sailors, the final essays of this book are dedicated to them. Students and teachers of Kodinsk got acquainted with the summary of the book, divided into two teams and took part in a quiz, which was based on knowledge of the Far East. The winners of the quiz will be the first readers of the new book.

RusHydro cooperates with the oldest children’s publishing house “DETGIZ” (since 2017 – with the Foundation for the Promotion of Children’s Literature and Reading Culture “CHILDREN’S BOOK HOUSE”), in the framework of the Charity Program. In 2012, the first joint work of power engineers and the publishing house was published, the book “Water is unusual in the usual.” Then two issues of the updated almanac “I want to know everything” were published; a book for young readers “River, river, where is your home?” about 29 rivers of Russia; historical and artistic editions “From the mast to the keel” and “Around the world under the Russian flag”. In 2020, for the 100th anniversary of the GOELRO plan for children of middle and high school age, a scientific and artistic work “ELECTROPLAN” was prepared.

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