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The actress explained why no one else is subscribed to on social media.

The day before, fans of Ekaterina Klimova noticed that the actress unsubscribed from everyone on Instagram. Subscribers suspected that the star quarreled with friends and hurried to support her. However, as it turned out, it’s a different matter.

In a conversation with “7 days”, the actress admitted that she made this decision because she was just tired of social networks. Klimova shares that she has been thinking about this for a long time, but finally decided the other day. According to the star, she was stressed due to the need to constantly like and write comments, sometimes her friends were offended that she did not react or did not notice any publication.

You know, it’s like feeding Tamagotchi: like everyone, write a comment. If, God forbid, you don’t say something to someone, there will be a scandal. I have such girlfriends. When I unsubscribed from everyone, it became easy and simple for me,

– Catherine shared. The actress adds that she is not going to leave social networks, but now uses the application only when she has the time and desire.

Earlier, Klimova in a hat and without makeup shared an honest selfie from the beautician’s office. You can see the photo here.

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