Kirkorov spoke about Pugacheva, who left Russia, on NTV

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During the show “Mask”, Philip Kirkorov spoke about the anniversary of an important event related to Alla Pugacheva.

Philip Kirkorov. Photo: Global Look Press

The seventh issue of the third season of the show aired on NTV “Mask”.

When the participant in the costume of the Bee, the chairman of the jury Philip appeared on the stage Киркорова absorbed memories of his union with Alla Pugacheva.

Regina Todorenko, trying to understand who was under the Mask, asked Pchela if she had auditioned for Alla Pugacheva. And the Bee forwarded the question to Philip Kirkorov.

“I passed the casting with Alla Borisovna a long time ago and successfully,” said Philip Kirkorov. – There was a project for ten years. By the way, what is the number today? March 27? Today is the anniversary. I got divorced that day. God, you know, it’s been eighteen years since the divorce. “

“The project is over, Alla Borisovna said, ‘Thank you, we’ll call you,'” said Timur Rodriguez to Philip Kirkorov.

We will remind, Alla Pugacheva these days together with the husband and children is not in Russia. A month ago, the diva and her family left for Israel.

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