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Kirkorov risks repeating the fate of Galkin and Meladze

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And this time there are no political statements.

Maxim Galkin and Valery Meladze do not seem to be very sad after they were “canceled”. The first moved with his wife to Israel, the second, according to rumors, drove to Georgia as soon as his name was deleted from all concert posters. Apparently, a similar fate awaits Philip Kirkorov, because no one wants to go to his concert.

The long-suffering show dedicated to the anniversary of the pop king has been postponed twice since 2020 due to the pandemic. From April 27 to 30, Philip Bedrosovich planned to give a series of concerts in the Kremlin, but they are very reluctant to buy tickets.

“As of April 27, 3,463 seats remain vacant in the Kremlin, which is half of the hall. And on April 30, when the singer will celebrate the anniversary, another 1,786 seats are vacant. There are practically no tickets only to the ground floor, where, as they say, there will be mostly guests invited by Kirkorov, ”the portal quotes its sources. Days.

Given that the cheapest tickets cost from a thousand rubles, and the rent of the hall in the Kremlin together with the installation will cost Kirkorov 4 million rubles (and this without taking into account the staging of the show!), It is possible to cancel the concert, because to recoup the cost of pop the star is unlikely to succeed.

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