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Kirkorov publicly stated the problem

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The artist worked too hard.

Philip Kirkorov loves attention and outrage. He himself has repeatedly admitted that for the sake of fame he did not hesitate to deceive fans, pretending to be very rich, although in reality everything was different. But his latest statement broke all records.

On the air of the fifth issue of the “Mask” project, Philip Bedrosovich said that due to filming in this show on NTV, he had sleep paralysis and had a vision of one of the participants in the program. An ancient Egyptian god stood in his doorway, and he couldn’t even move and just shouted.

“Have you ever had that? I fell asleep, and here I am sleeping and screaming in my sleep. I can’t move, I understand that I’m not sleeping anymore, everything is tight. And the most important thing is the outline of the door, Anubis was standing there, ”Kirkorov said.

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