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Kirkorov needed ammonia, Todorenko thinks he will give birth to a daughter. Passions in the “Mask”

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At the beginning of the new issue, Kirkorov announced that he chose a tangerine-colored outfit not by chance. All because April is a holiday month for the artist, because he was born on the 30th. Moreover, the king of pop will celebrate his 55th birthday this year. In such a good mood, the judges anticipated the performances of the participants.

The Bee was the first to take the stage. Kirkorov showered her with compliments. “My queen, my sweet earthworm from my youth in Odessa. Maybe the future. You’ve had so many novels all along, but at 55 you can calm down? ” – The artist is sure that Lada Dance is in front of him.

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The bee from Philip’s love only blooms and flirts in every way. This time the heroine of the project appeared in a completely new role – she sang the incendiary Let’s get it started. There are many elements of the recitative in this song, but the Bee has successfully coped with it. Nobody resisted the rhythmic track. Pregnant Regina Todorenko also started dancing.

      The kid continued to amaze with his energy. The participant of the show behaved like a real fidget: he ran around the stage, took off his shoes, showed funny socks and even tried to climb the scenery. The artist calmed down only during the concert number – he sang the song “Not given” by the band Hi-Fi.

      Against the background of the harmful Kid, the next participant – Amanita – looked serious, despite the fabulous costume. With a dull enveloping tone, he performed the song “Oh, God.” Kirkorov noted that Pugacheva composed the words for the music. “I think these are some of the beautiful verses that Allah wrote. The song is 30 years old. This shows that good music, like good wine, gets better and better over the years, ”commented Filipp Bedrosovic.

      Regina Todorenko also hurried to share her emotions. “How amazingly the song was performed, not only vocally but also theatrically. So acting, with inspiration. You have endowed all women with your magical vibrations, pheromones now. I already even think that I probably have a girl there in my stomach, ”said Vlada Topalova’s wife.

        Anubis once again surprised the audience. The touching composition of Mariah Carey Without you performed by the Egyptian character broke the applause.

        Todorenko said that the vibrations of Anubis’s voice affect her hypnotically and she even goes into a trance: “I have goosebumps on my skin, all over my body. And the spirit catches when you sing. ” Before making assumptions about who was hiding behind the mask, the TV presenter handed Kirkorov ammonia.

        “I think I can surprise you with my version, I’m just very scared. We have been waiting for her for so long, three seasons. Anita Tsoi is there, ”Todorenko said.

        The fact is that for several seasons the judges have seen the singer in many participants. Kirkorov jokingly forbade other members of the jury to say her name.

        The monster that was always teasing everyone today was mysterious and a little sad. Instead of the usual jokes, he decided to philosophize about life.

        “Love as if no one has ever hurt you. I want to laugh – laugh, as if you don’t care about everyone. I want to cry – cry, but only so that the heart beats in the chest faster and faster, reminding you that this laughter and tears is your real life, “- said the hero of the show.

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        Unexpectedly for everyone, after the performance of Monster, Philip Kirkorov shed a tear. “You did something to me that I don’t even know. What did you do? Who are you anyway? You are amazing, thin, you are extraordinary, you are a UFO! ” Said the pop king.

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