Kirkorov has not been on Instagram for three weeks

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There have been no posts on the musician’s Instagram since February 22.

Philip Kirkorov. Photo:

Singer and pop king of the national stage Philip Kirkorov has not appeared on Instagram since February 22, which will soon cease to operate throughout Russia.

Philip Kirkorov
Philip Kirkorov. Photo:

At the same time, he used to leave posts almost every day and lead a very active lifestyle on social networks. A few days ago, rumors circulated in some telegram channels that Kirkorov had left the country.

Meanwhile, this information turned out to be untrue. The pop king has recently been busy filming the show “Mask”, as well as preparing for his anniversary concerts. Kirkorov does not intend to comment on the special operation in Donbass, apparently, because he would not say – you will still make enemies.

It also became known that Philip’s father Kirkorov Bedros is located in hospital. He got sick, therefore pop king while objectively not to social networks.

We will remind that after the beginning of special operation of Russia in Donbass some Russian stars left the country. At the same time, they promised to return soon.

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