Kirkorov did not remain silent about the main advantage of Pugacheva

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The musician told about the crown dish of the artist.

Pop King Philip Kirkorov, who is the chairman of the jury in the show “Mask”, every now and then during the filming of the project remembers his ex-wife Alla Pugacheva. There were also words about her in the tenth issue of the program. This time the artist did not keep silent about the main merit of the ex-girlfriend.

Trying to bring Capricorn to clean water, the performer commented on the fact that, according to clues, this participant’s favorite dish is potatoes. Philip Bedrosovich, who immediately realized that in front of him was the grandson of his ex-wife Nikita Presnyakov, said that Capricorn loves potatoes, because his grandmother knows how to cook it perfectly.

The singer also clarified that the crown dish of the Prima Donna made of potatoes is called charlipupa. Meanwhile, many once again talked about how lucky Alla Borisovna’s husband, humorist and showman Maxim Galkin, who previously also admitted that his wife is a great hostess.

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