Kirkorov did not remain silent about Pugacheva’s betrayal

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The celebrities have been married for 10 years.

Philip Kirkorov revealed the truth about the problems in his marriage to Alla Pugacheva. The artist revealed himself on the air of the show “Mask”.

As it turned out, the popular singer was not faithful to her at the end of his relationship with the Prima Donna. The celebrity felt the problems in marriage, and therefore allowed himself to look towards other women. One of them was the singer Angelika Agurbash. But the musician was eventually stopped by the fact that the actress was also married.

“I didn’t get along, my husband is there,” the star recalls.

Masha Rasputina became another artist’s choice, but here the musician did not limit himself, and this turned into big problems for him. The fact is that the singer’s husband and her producer Vladimir Ermakov did not appreciate Kirkorov’s attention and his bold offer of hand and heart, so she got into a fight with him, putting a bruise under his eye.

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