Kira Knightley explained why she doesn’t sit on social media

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The actress does not have her own page on popular sites.

Keira Knightley. Photo: Global Look Press

In a new interview, Hollywood actress Keira Knightley talked about her young daughters and touched on the fact that one day the girls will want to start pages on social networks.

The 37-year-old star herself is happy that she has nothing like this. Living without accounts, likes and comments Kira is more than happy.

“I had brief moments when I thought, ‘Oh yes, I have to do this (start a social media page,’ Note aut.) “Or” I should at least do it privately. ” And then I thought, “No, I shouldn’t,” Knightley told the paper People.

“And what’s really funny, most of my friends are on social media, and all they’ve ever talked about is how they get depressed. And the answer is, “Oh, then I’m definitely not going to do that.”

“I would just be obsessed with trying to make my life a lot more perfect than it really is, and that sounds pretty tedious. Honestly, I just think it’s a wormhole I don’t need to go down. “

We will add that many movie stars categorically refuse social networks. Among them Daniel Radcliffe and Andrew Garfield.

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