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Tigran Keosayan’s ex-wife is not offended by the director’s new wife.

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Actress Alena Khmelnytska after parting ways with director Tigran Keosayan, she found a reliable friend in the person of his new wife. The celebrity jokes that you need to create a whole novel to describe their friendship with TV presenter Margarita Simonyan.

Khmelnytsky admitted that neither she nor Simonyan had specifically imposed on each other as friends. They approached spontaneously.

“We did not build any bridges. It all happened by itself – and I’m happy about it. When people have nothing to share and no one has a feeling of resentment, everything goes well. I have no anger inside. I can’t answer how it turned out. Or rather, I can, but I need to write a book about it, ”Alena Khmelnitskaya said.

“Of course, everyone is different. I did it – and thank God. After our acquaintance, a new cool stage in life began. I am glad that this is Margarita, that she is such that we can communicate and do charity work together, “Khmelnytska said in

We will remind, earlier Alena Khmelnitskaya told about shootings in the American spy militant.

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