Kerem Bursin spoke about the future

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The actor is not going to spend his whole life on the set.

Kerem Bursin spoke about plans for the future. As it turned out, the actor has already decided what to do after the end of his acting career.

Recently, the star of the series “Knock on my door” is experiencing a career upswing: romantic comedy is only gaining popularity, and in the near future will begin work on several projects of the artist for Disney +. However, life with a series of regular parties, which was so loved by his former girlfriend Hande Erchel, does not suit Bursin. According to the actor, after retirement he will engage in agriculture or carpentry and choose solitude.

“I build small closets, put doors … I like it!” – said the artist in a conversation with the publication Pronto.

According to loyal fans, it was this difference of interest that could be the reason why Bursin and Erchel broke up earlier this year. The celebrities themselves did not comment on their breakup, but the actress has repeatedly said that she likes to spend time at parties. Apparently, the actor decided not to tie the knot with his girlfriend, although he has repeatedly stated that he dreams of his own family.

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