Kerem Bursin secretly left the country: this is what happened

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Fans closely follow every movement of the artist.

Kerem Bursin excited fans by secretly arriving in Spain. According to the public, the reason may be related to the celebrity novel.

A few days ago it became known that after his long trip to Europe, the star of the series “Knock on my door” flew to Istanbul. According to media reports, the shooting of his new project for Disney + was to begin here soon. However, after some time Bursin found himself in Spain again. Singer Natalia Rodriguez shared a joint photo with him on her social networks, which puzzled fans. According to fans, there may be several reasons for the artist’s arrival.

First of all, Web users suggest a new novel by the artist. According to many, during his vacation he started a new relationship and came to Spain again especially for them. Some believe that the trip may be related to a secret project of the celebrity, because during the trip he met with producers and even Antonio Banderas. Another fan suggests that Bursin could have started working with Rodriguez in her band, as he had previously been involved in music.

The actor himself does not comment on the conjectures of fans. After parting with Hande Erchel, he rarely spoke to the press and did not give details of his personal life and career.

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