Kerem Bursin revealed the truth about life without Handa Erchel

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The celebrities parted in mid-January.

Kerem Bursin spoke about his main hobbies that take up his free time. As it turned out, the artist is a big fan of Lego.

According to the actor, who has been living a bachelor life for about two months, he spends all his free time assembling famous toys. Bursin is so passionate that he can’t throw this or that set out of his head until he’s finished it. Therefore, it can take several hours to assemble.

“I always want to assemble a designer with the most details. My obsession is that if I start something, I have to finish it, ”the artist told the Spanish portal Hello.

Kerem also noted that another hobby that helps him distract and relax is throwing axes. The celebrity did not reveal when he became interested in such an unusual occupation, but admitted that it occupies a leading position in the ranking of his strangest hobbies.

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