Kerem Bursin disowned Handa Erchel

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The actor does not want to think about his ex-girlfriend.

Kerem Bursin was extremely unhappy with one of his last interviews. The actor was outraged by questions from journalists, most of whom concerned his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Handa Erchel. The couple broke up a few months ago, but the excitement around this separation is not going to subside.

The star of the series “Knock on my door” for the whole country disowned the former chosen one, not wanting to talk about her. Kerem also directly told the media that in the future he would like to hear questions about his acting career, not his personal life.

As the portal writes RusTurkey, Bursin’s agents supported him. Moreover, it is possible that in the future the artist will start asking for a list of questions for approval before meeting with the media, which means that it will be quite difficult for reporters to find out details about the affair and parting with Erchel.

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