Kerem Bursin did not remain silent about the new relationship

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The whole world is watching the celebrity’s personal life.

Kerem Bursin told the details of his possible novel. As it turned out, the artist does not put the success of his beloved in the first place.

The star of the series “Knock on my door” broke up with Handa Erchel a few months ago, but many fans still believe that celebrities can get together, so they seem to fans the perfect couple. However, as Bursin said, this is not the case. The fact is that he is not interested in a successful candidate and values ​​in the opposite field completely different qualities than financial well-being and success of the public.

“I like independent women, good-natured women. And I don’t care if they work in the acting profession or if they are waitresses, “the artist said in an interview with the portal. Pronto.es.

Note that earlier the artist told what he will do after retirement. According to the celebrity, he dreams of dedicating himself to agriculture or becoming a carpenter, so he likes to be alone with nature.

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