Keith Harrington’s wife spoke of his heavy addiction

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The actor John Snow was not as strong-willed as his character.

Keith Harrington became an alcoholic. The desperate step of the actor was prompted by the completion of the filming of the popular series “Game of Thrones”.

The last season of the project came out in 2019. Filming, which lasted for many years, has become a big part of many actors’ lives. So it was with Keith Harrington, who played John Snow.

When the filming of the series ended, the actor fell into a severe depression and found refuge in alcohol. According to his wife Rose Leslie, Keith was so addicted to alcohol that in time he even needed to go to the clinic.

The actress noted that after rehabilitation Harrington became much better. But whether he will return to alcohol again is up to him.

“It’s up to him whether he decides to drink again. No one can stop him if he decides to do something. I do not exert such pressure. He is responsible for his actions, and I should not protect him, “Rose told the publication. Harper’s Bazaar.

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