Kazuha’s pre-debut ballet performance from LE SSERAFIM goes viral on social media

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After HYBE introduced Kazuhu as the fifth participant LE SSERAFIMvideos from her past ballet performances have attracted public attention.

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Some videos from the ballet competition were published in one of the Twitter accounts on April 8 Kazuhi.

«Another ballet performance Kazuhi»

Link to the video on Twitter

In one video Kazuha participated in a ballet competition in Japan. Kazuha Nakamuraher real name, took second place in the high school category.

No specific information about its implementation was received. However, she charmed the audience with her outstanding “port de bras” (movement of the hand in ballet), graceful steps and elegant look.

In addition to this video with the performance, additional photos of her in the image of a ballerina were released, which added curiosity.

According to HYBE, Kazuha until recently she studied ballet in the Netherlands. They also plan to show a unique performance, emphasizing the peculiarities of ballet, during the activity LE SSERAFIM.

Meanwhile, LE SSERAFIM Is the first female band created by HYBE and Source Music, which debuts in May.

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