Kazan residents were told how the “Library Night” will take place on May 26, 2022

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In Kazan for the Day of Libraries will be held many events in the National Library of Tatarstan from 27 to 29 May – an exhibition, bookcrossing, book sales, poetry performance, etc.

During the day on May 27-28 in the lobby will be an area for the exchange of books, comics and other interesting paper “Book Disruption”. Some of the collected materials will go to the picking department and our warehouses, and the other part will be sent to the action. Visitors will be able to take home something they like. It is worth bringing books and materials only in good condition. Also in the lobby will be a sale of books and illustrations from the bookstore “Smena”, publishing house “Scooter”, second-hand store “Dump” and KHU. N. Feshina.

A special selection of books with bookmarks “Circulation: librarians recommend” on the topic “Traditions” will appear in the reading rooms.

In the exhibition hall on May 27 at 13:30 at the exhibition “Book of Books” will present an artistic interpretation of the image of Arabic writing and the Koran from the collection of rare books and manuscripts of the National Library of Tatarstan.

At 12 o’clock on May 28 there will be divination from the book. Predictions will reveal destiny and answer questions that can be laughed at and thought about together. Registration for the meeting is available at link.

In the 6+ hall at 2 pm there will be a presentation of the book marathon for children “Kitapstan” and a master class on creating a book cover. Parents and children will be shown bright brochures-cards with assignments and recommendations for summer reading. Registration is available at link.

At 2 pm, the conference hall will host an online lecture “History of Comics and Local Culture”, which will be addressed by the head of the Center for Comics and Visual Culture of the Russian State Library for Youth Alexander Kunin. Registration is available at link.

In the classical reading room at 5 pm the poetic performance “Tenglnesh 2.0” will begin. The authors will read poems in different languages ​​of Tatarstan: English as the language of the Internet, Russian, Tatar, Bashkir, Mari, Chuvash and Udmurt. Only musicians and dancers know how to translate lyrics. Registration is available at link.

The musical improvisation “Sak-Sok” will take place in the universal hall at 6 pm. musicians will perform in front of the guests Zarina Vildanova, Eric Марковский, Yusuf Бикчантаев, Islam Valeev, Tatiana Efremova. Registration is available at link.

A set of electronic music under the letters with DJs awaits the audience in the lobby at 21:00 Shag and Javalavanda.

An interactive tour of the library with a visual lighting design “Night in the Library” is scheduled from 21:00 to 22:30. Kazan residents will be told what the public library was like 157 years ago and what it is like today. Entrance costs 300 rubles, payment at the reception area. Registration is available at link.

The first documentary immersive performance “Disadaptation” within the project “Living Library” will begin on May 29 at 1 p.m. Residents of the city learn how people with disabilities feel about the world, how people who live in complete darkness know architecture, why any restrictions only push a person more to find their vocation. Registration is available at link.

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