Katya Skalon came to the new “House-2” after breaking up with Pasha Babich. Video of Lobny

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Former participant of the reality show Katya Skalon decided to look for love under the cameras again. What came out of it?

To distract: Katya Skalon returned to
Katya Skalon. Photo: social networks

Beautiful blonde Katya Skalon appeared on the new “House-2”. A video was circulated on the Internet showing Katya Skalon crying Foreheadand two young men began to reassure her.

Katya Skalon made no secret of the fact that she came to “House-2” to distract herself from heavy thoughts. Not so long ago, she and her lover Pasha Babic broke up.

But Kate Scalon of “Polyana” did not get easier. A couple of days later, Katya Skalon left the project. Explaining her step, she made it clear that she did not want a relationship yet.

“It’s not interesting. I don’t want to let anyone in, to communicate, it’s unpleasant that I can’t do without interaction and contact with other men, it distracts me. But I do not regret anything. Now I want a change of scenery. Lives. So I’m moving on, “wrote Katya Skalon.

We will remind, last Monday on teleconstruction another ex-participant appeared. Tigran Salibekov, a father of three sons, has returned to House 2.

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