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Katya Gordon advised Potap to check the information he shares with subscribers

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The lawyer is amazed by the large amount of unverified information that the Ukrainian musician shares on his page on social networks.

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Katya Gordon decided to comment on the posts of Potap, who took over from his colleague Max Barski. The Ukrainian rapper has a noticeable negative opinion of the country in which he received large fees some time ago. The artist quickly forgot about those who paid him a lot of money for performances on music venues in a country that, as it turned out, he did not like at all.

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“God, what a disgrace… As a lawyer, I address Potap and all the idiots blind to their anger. Work on the outbursts more realistically.” Katya suggested that Potap stop pouring dirt on her compatriots, and better start studying the information he posts on his page. “The further I go, the more I think anti-Russian anger has been with you for a long time,” Gordon was quoted as saying by StarHit.

Photo source: Yandex pictures

By the way, Potap’s subscribers so and continue to point to his place of residence at a time when his beloved country is suffering. Fans were frankly disappointed in the musician, who instead of returning home – went to live abroad. The people of Ukraine are convinced that if the life of his country was important to Potap, he would appear on its territory.

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