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Kate Middleton will never forgive Megan Markle

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Prince William’s wife closed her eyes to many things.

With the appearance of Megan Markle in the royal family, everything turned upside down. The new Duchess of Sussex made a lot of noise and even managed to separate Prince Harry from his family by taking him to the United States.

Megan had a strained relationship with Kate Middleton from the beginning. It turned out that the scandal could have erupted much earlier, but this was prevented by the excellent endurance of the Duchess of Cambridge.

It turned out that for a very long time Kate simply tolerated the antics and frivolity of Megan and the Duchess will never be able to forgive the behavior of Harry’s wife.

“They must be photographed kissing or hugging. But this is meaningless, because the enmity will not end there. Kate must keep her feelings a secret – this is part of her job, “- said the insider in the royal family portal Express.

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