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Kate Middleton is preparing to occupy the residence of Megan Markle

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The Dukes of Cambridge want to be closer to the Queen.

Fans who follow the lives of members of the royal family probably know that the Dukes of Cambridge have long planned to change their place of residence. It turned out that Kate Middleton and Prince William had their eyes on Frogmore House. Only the renovation of this residence was once made for the Dukes of Sussex, who in 2020 resigned as king.

It turned out that Middleton originally wanted to settle in Belvedere, but then decided to be closer to Queen Elizabeth II, whose health, according to the latest media reports, leaves much to be desired.

“Kate and William are settling in Windsor this summer,” according to an exclusive article in the publication. Daily Mail. Meanwhile, the Internet says that if Megan and Harry for some reason want to return from the United States, where they live after leaving Britain, they will have nowhere to return.

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