Karachentsov’s humiliated widow is expelled from the theater

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The conflict between the artist and the stage management continues to flare up.

Lenkom’s artistic director Mark Warsaw explained why he only offered Ludmila Porgina roles in the mass media. As the artist noted, she is dissatisfied with these proposals.

According to the celebrity, today’s repertoire of the theater no longer suits the famous actress. Khudruk is confident that Porgina will not be able to handle most of the roles, as they are intended for young artists.

“Probably, he claims the role of Anastasia Filippovna in” The Idiot “according to Dostoevsky. Unfortunately, I didn’t get older, ”the portal’s interlocutor says Teleprogramma.pro.

He also noted that he doubts the creative abilities of the actress. According to Warsaw, she received the title of Honored Artist “on the counter”, and today can only play in talk shows and other entertainment programs for large fees, but not on the legendary stage. Khudruk even offered her to write her wishes for future roles, but he is confident that the theater’s management will be able to offer her only participation in the mass.

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