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Kanye West will not perform at the Coachella 2022 festival

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Earlier, the rapper threatened to cancel his performance if Billy Ishish did not apologize to Travis Scott.

Kanye West will not perform at Coachella 2022. About that reported Billdoard. Representatives of the artist have not yet commented on this information.

Petition demanding the exclusion of Kanye from the festival lineup collected already about 50 thousand signatures.

“We’ve been watching Kanye make fun of Kim, Pete and others for over a year. No one seems to have opposed him, and those who dared have been bullied as well. threatened cause physical harm to other people. This is madness, and he does it completely freely. Coachella should be ashamed of that, they should not give him the opportunity to speak, “the petition said in a statement.

Earlier, Kanye himself threatened to cancel his performance at the festival if Billy Isle did not sorry in front of Travis Scott. The fan got sick at the singer’s concert, she stopped him and said: “I’m waiting for people to be okay before continuing.” Kanye saw this as a reproach to Travis, whose concert killed 10 people as a result of the stampede.

Ailish left a comment under Kanye’s post: “I didn’t say anything about Travis, I just helped the fan.”

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