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Kanye West went to war against Kardashian’s new boyfriend

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Pete Davidson could not withstand the pressure of the scandalous rapper.

Kim Kardashian did not wait for an official divorce from the rapper and chose her chosen one, who is 13 years younger than her – American comedian Pete Davidson. However, Kanye West does not like the ex-wife’s new novel at all.

At his recent concert, the infamous rapper publicly threatened his beloved Kardashian. He performed a new track dedicated to his ex-wife and her boyfriend. It contained lines addressed to Davidson.

“I will not be searched. I threaten your safety. Shall we not arrange scenes? You will need protection. I will not take a family photo from the refrigerator. Never stand between a man and his children, ”says the text of West’s new track.

Apparently, the comedian took the rapper’s threats seriously. After this performance, he deleted his Instagram account. When that happened, West said he “kicked” Pete Davidson off the social network.

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