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Kanye West explains video of brutal massacre of suitor Kim Kardashian: Music: Culture:

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Kanye West apologized for the video of the brutal massacre of Pete Davidson

American rapper Kanye West has explained a musical animated video, which depicts the brutal massacre of the musician against actor Pete Davidson, the suitor of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. The artist justified his work Instagramdeclaring the healing power of art.

West wrote that art is protected by the right to freedom of speech, simplifies peace and inspires people, and does not call for harm. “Any allegations about my art are false and malicious,” the hip-hop artist added. He posted a screenshot from a video with a burning church on social media.

In the video for the track Eazy, published on YouTubeOn March 4, Kanye West, a doll similar to Pete Davidson, kidnaps and buries alive a doll similar to Pete Davidson. The clip also features footage of West walking around with the actor’s severed head. At the end of the video there are captions: “Everyone lived happily ever after. Except Skeet (nickname given to rapper Davidson – approx. It’s a joke, he’s fine. “

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Earlier in March it became knownthat Kim Kardashian has officially divorced Kanye West.

In an Eazy song released on January 16, West read, “The Lord saved me during that accident so I could kick Pete Davidson’s ass.” Earlier reportedthat Kanye West quarreled with rapper Kid Cudi over his friendship with Pete Davidson.

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