Kang Daniel became the first solo k-pop artist to be selected for the GRAMMY Press Play series + reaction from network users

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The official channel of the GRAMMY Recording Academy has released a video in which Kang Daniel sings his song «Antidote“In their series of performances” Press Play “. The Grammy selects artists for the Press Play At Home series based on their musicality and potential for global influence. Kang Daniel – the first K-pop soloist to meet the selection criteria for this series, and the third K-pop artist in general after BTS and SEVENTEEN.

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In his video Kang Daniel runs an extended version «Antidote“, The title track to his latest mini-album”YELLOW»About his mental health problems. A special performance for GRAMMY includes a brand new piano introduction when Kang Daniel untangles himself from the knot of yellow ribbons, and a new dance break EDM, concluding the performance.

The text of the video describes the career and awards Kang Daniel. In addition, the Grammys were the first to announce their impending return Danielscheduled for May this year!

Network users responded to the popular post about the speech:

“GRAMMY vocalist Daniel!! »

“I keep watching him untangle the ribbon, but I can’t understand how he does it.”

“How does he handle this tape? It was amazing. “

“The intro itself is cool, but it also fits the meaning of the song and the theme of the album YELLOW. It’s about freeing yourself from the prison where your past has imprisoned you. “

“God, the final dance break is just crazy”

“A great performance in which the lyrics are included in the choreography”

In addition to preparing for his return in May, Kang Daniel will release a single for UNIVERSE MUSIC called “Ready to Ride»April 29. He will be the first artist to have two singles in the app (earlier last year he released “Outerspace (feat. LOCO) »).

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