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Kandelaki made an unequivocal hint to Guberniev

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Tina was clearly jealous.

A blatant flirtation took place at the press conference of the Match TV channel. It was expected that the event would focus on Olga Buzova, who after a long quarrel met for the first time with Dmitry Guberniev. But suddenly the blanket was pulled over by the head of the channel “Match TV” Tina Kandelaki.

When Olga Buzova began to hint to Guberniev that she was not averse to having an affair with him, Kandelaki, without hiding her jealousy, asked her subordinate about his marital status.

“Are you free, by the way, Dmitry?” – Tina Kandelaki, the host of the event, asked.

To this, the embarrassed Guberniev replied that, thank God, he was not free. Apparently, Dmitry Guberniev and Tina Kandelaki forgot that they are live.

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