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Kandelaki: “I survived the boys and girls who came up with the plan to make Tina hurt”

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Kandelaki learned that the haters were allegedly preparing intrusions into the Web aimed at tarnishing her reputation. But the media manager does not intend to panic, moreover, she reacts with a smile to the hype around her name.

“Given my, I am convinced, correct position on the threat, I was ready to be shot at immediately. This is exactly what happened: threats, provocations, clauses, gossip – the arsenal of my enemies has long been depleted. Leave these cheap attempts at the Telegram.

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Or rather, do not leave. Throw your money away and keep going crazy. I have experienced dozens of boys and girls who have written a plan at their meetings to “make Tina Kandelaki hurt.” Where you studied, I taught 10 years ago. If you weren’t such an impassable idiot, I would give you a master class, ”the 46-year-old TV star shared in a personal blog.

Among other things, ill-wishers attack Tina’s phone and call her with threats. But even here Tina tries not to pay attention to the actions of the villains.

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“Every day my morning starts with a phone attack. I get calls from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, the Baltics threatening to lustrate me. Honestly, I’m so used to it that I won’t even have enough guys when they are transplanted, ”she said calmly.

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