Kamila Valieva shone in the arms of the famous singer

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The athlete returned to Russia after the Olympics.

Kamila Valieva excited fans with photos from the concert of singer Vanya Dmitrienko. Relevant publications were shared by the skater’s friend, a dancer Eva Uvarova.

For the past few weeks, the whole world has been watching every step of the star of the Russian team, which was at the center of the doping scandal and took fourth place in the Olympics in the individual championship. Many fans and experts worried that the public’s close attention would negatively affect the figure skater’s condition, but it turned out that the fans had no reason to worry. Uvarova’s page includes several publications made during the performance of the 16-year-old musician. In the photo, the athlete is actively singing along to the hits of the idol, and in one of them she even tenderly hugs Dmitrienko.

“How glad I am that Camila is all right,” admits one of the fans.

Now many fans of the skater are convinced that a romance may well begin between a girl and a musician. According to followers, celebrities will be a great couple and great with each other.

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