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Fandom is a very important aspect of K-pop culture, because fans sincerely encourage performers to achieve even greater success. Fandom culture originated in the days of HOT and has been constantly evolving and growing ever since.

At one point, K-pop groups and idols began releasing “fan songs” dedicated to fans. In the lyrics of such tracks, the artists thank their fans for their love and support.

Let’s listen to the songs that are especially popular with the audience, showing the love of idols for their fans:

BTOB – Melody Song

«Melody Melody is you and me forever. In the past, in the present and in the future. I love you wherever I am».
It was the official song of the fans, as the band’s fandom is called “Melody”.


«Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. For waiting, for longing and for memories. »

BTS – 2! 3!

«Forget all the sad memories. Let’s smile, holding hands. I hope we have more good days ahead. If you believe me, count 1, 2, 3»

B1A4 – Together

«Of course, there may be periods full of disappointments, but we will continue to sing with all our hearts. You are the one with whom I shared joy and sorrow. I love you.»

SHINee – Honesty

“Because you were always there to protect me. Because you accepted the criticism I should have received. You calmly defended me, and now I want to do the same for you. “

The Boyz – Candles

«I will shine like a candle to keep you warm in cold weather»

DAY6 – Beautiful Feeling

«I love every moment I breathe with you under one sky. The words “love” are not enough to express my feelings for you.»

ITZY – Trust Me

«Midzy, you are Midzy (believe me). The best gift is the trust you give me». Midzy is the name of the band’s fandom.

TWICE – The Best Thing I Ever Did

«The best thing I’ve done this year is meet you. The best thing I’ve done this year is not lose you. I’m with you.»

A PINK – Thank You

«Thank you for the courage you gave me. You were next to me and shone with my love.»

These words cannot but touch. The lyrics show that these artists really adore and appreciate their fans. Fan songs are a great way to remind fans that they are loved and that they are important. Thanks to the artists who release them for us.

What do you think of these fan songs? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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