K-pop industry stars and figures have made donations to forest fire victims

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Even more stars have made donations to help those affected by the ongoing forest fire on Korea’s east coast.

A strong forest fire broke out on Friday, March 4, on a mountain near the seaside town of Uljin in North Gyeongsang Province. It has spread to the nearby town of Samchok in Gangwon Province and continues to spread to other east coast cities, such as Tonhe and Gangneung.

Victims have already been supported Slush from BTS, Shin Min A, Hyun Bean, Son E Jin, Yu Jae Sok, Kim He Su, АйЮ, Kim Go In, Lee Byeong Hon, Son Kang Ho and many others.

On March 9, the Hope Bridge Association of the National Disaster Relief Service reported that Pak Shin He donated 50 million won to support the victims of the forest fire. Earlier Pak Shin He made donations during the forest fire in Gangwon Province in 2019 and the flood in 2020.

On March 10, the Korean Red Cross announced that the trot singer He Yes donated 100 million won two days earlier to support areas affected by forest fires in Gangwon and North Gyeongsang Province. He Yes previously worked with the Red Cross, donating blood voluntarily in December during the COVID-19 outbreak.

In addition, on March 10, the Hope Bridge Association announced that Chon Ji Hyun donated 100 million won to forest fire victims. She previously made a donation in 2020 to help people recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Susie donated 100 million won to forest fire victims and joined the Hope Bridge Honor Club, a group of the organization’s largest philanthropists, a testament to ongoing donations. She has previously made donations to help victims of the 2019 forest fires and the 2020 floods.

Earlier this week, the Hope Bridge Association confirmed that SM Entertainment together with its founder Lee Su Man donated 500 million won to forest fire victims. YG Entertainment also donated 500 million won to the association.

JYP Entertainment donated 300 million won to the non-governmental organization (NGO) World Vision International. 100 million will go to buy the necessary household appliances, furniture and household items for the victims, 150 million will be used to restore the burned neighborhoods, and 50 million will go to psychological assistance to children in the affected areas.

Actress Che Jeong An donated 30 million won to the Bridge of Hope Association. Actor Lee Don Uk donated 50 million won to the same charity.

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