K-pop fans talk about how to be a solo fan

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K-pop fans talk about how to be a solo fan.

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On April 9, a message on one of the online forums attracted attention by asking about solo fans. The message was titled “I will never be able to become a solo fan. That’s why they intrigue me. ” anonymous netizen wrote: “I always end up being a fan of the band, even if I’m starting to be a solo fan of that band – unless the band has a certain member who gets on a newspaper page.”

Some of the comments to this post include: “I used to be just like you, lol. But somehow I naturally became a solo fan.”

“It’s not like you hate other band members. In fact, I admire the band’s fans more, because how do you attract all the people in the band? ”

“As for me, I always join the fandom as a fan of the band, but in the end I become a lone fan.”

“Well, I can’t speak for all the solo fans, but for me it’s just that you only follow a certain participant. I don’t hate relationships or chemistry within a group. I just don’t watch live broadcasts or teasers of the band if they are not my prejudices. “

“It seems to me that I can’t be a fan of a participant if I’m not interested in others with whom he or she is constantly communicating.”

“Lol I don’t understand how people can remain uninterested in other members of the group they meet all the time… unless you’re a casual fan.”

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