JurKiss: “Coding off sex with other women? Light!”

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After filming the video, YurKiss and Lucy Chebotina began to appear in public together more often. Such releases provoked rumors of a romantic union of artists. Stas Yarushin decided to directly ask the couple what was going on between them.

“We are in a warm relationship,” – hastened to evade the answer of the star. “It simply came to my notice then. I believe that they can cast a spell, spoil. Therefore, I do not want to discuss at all, “Chebotina said. “Personal and personal to emphasize it,” said his colleague YurKiss.

Not hearing the exact answer, Yarushin began to wonder what the artists were willing to sacrifice for the second half. “Am I ready to get involved with music to focus on family life? Definitely, yes, – said the singer. – If there was a choice between family and music, I would choose the first. I think at some point I will still start with music, focus on business. But I’m definitely not going to in the coming years, “said JurKiss.

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The performer assured that he would be a faithful spouse. “To be coded for life with sex with other women? Yes easy! Won’t you code me now? ” The singer laughed.

It will be recalled that 24-year-old YurKiss (Yuri Kiselev) is the son of Vladimir Kiselyov, the owner of a large media holding. Last year, the President awarded him the Order of Merit to the Fatherland of the II degree. Yuri is also a member of the board of directors of the Russian Media Group.

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