Julia Avshar “injected” Hande Erchel with an audience of 27 million people

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Actress from the Turkish TV series “Magnificent Century. Kesem Empire believes that popularity on social networks should not affect the demand for movies.

Julia Avshar and Hande Erchel. Photo: frame from the TV series “Magnificent Century. Kesem Empire »,

One of the most popular Turkish actress Hande Ercel in just a couple of years has managed to gain an army of loyal fans. About 27 million users follow her Instagram page alone. For this, Russian fans nicknamed Handa “Turkish Olga Buzova.” This actress is as popular in her homeland as our ex-host “House-2”. Of course, Erchel receives huge financial benefits due to her demand on social networks, for example, many brands collaborate with her, and she constantly receives new offers for filming.

However, not everyone agrees that popularity on social networks should be closely linked to demand for movies. Thus, the star of the Turkish TV series “Magnificent Century. Kesem Empire » Julia Avshar I’m sure that her star colleague was clearly overestimated as an actress. That’s what she says about it.

Actress Hande Erchel
Hande Ercel was nicknamed Turkish Olga Buzova. Photo:

“It simply came to our notice then. The demand for many actresses is determined not by talent, but by the number of subscribers on social networks. Undoubtedly, social networks have brought a lot of good into our lives, but it is very wrong for producers to focus only on them.

I do not advise actors to be so proud of the number of their subscribers: this is a short-term success, which will be of little use in the future. Beating yourself in the chest with the words that you have 20 million subscribers is not the best option.

Now the projects are called not because of talent, but look at the number of subscribers. But this trend will soon end, and everything will fall into place, “said Julia Avshar.

Star "Kesem Empire" Julia Avshar
Julia Avshar does not consider Hande an outstanding actress. Photo: frame from the TV series “Magnificent Century. Kesem Empire »

However, the haters thought that 58-year-old Julia Avshar shared her thoughts amid elementary envy. After all, recently in the career of the actress herself there is a crisis. After filming in the TV series “Kesem Empire”, the Turkish beauty who played Sofia Sultan can hardly boast of many roles. She played in only two projects.

By materials: Aksam, StarHit.

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