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Journalist Shakhnazarov – Makarevich: “Mashkov and Mikhalkov – is not Russia? But Alla and Maxim – yes! “

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The 68-year-old musician, who, by the way, recently became a father, wrote on social media: Because Russia is them, not you. ” Activists, cultural figures, political scientists and Internet users have been discussing these insults against Russians for several days now.

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Many consider Makarevich literally an enemy of the people, who betrayed their fellow citizens and fled as soon as they felt the danger. Well-known journalist and blogger Mikhail Shakhnazarov decided to respond to his attack. “That is, Gergiev, Tsiskaridze, Mashkov, Mikhalkov – this is not Russia? But Allah, Maxim, Chulpan – yes! And Andrei Makarevich is “the salt of the Russian land”, not the salt of the Dead Sea, “he laughed on the air of the” Chess and Mat “project.

Shakhnazarov also said that during the Soviet Union, Makarevich cooperated with people in uniform, and more than closely. And now, they say, began to behave differently. “In the old days, he worked with the KGB. Maybe we have the right to know the nickname of this fighter for Russia, who is sitting in Netanya and watering everyone with mud? ” – the blogger is indignant.

don’t miss itThe first photo of 68-year-old Andrei Makarevich with his wife and newborn son from the clinic

Note that the patriots are outraged not only by the leader of the “Time Machine”, but also TV presenter Tatiana Lazareva, who left for Spain, as well as Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva – they went to Israel By the way, in her program Ksenia Sobchak said that her husband The diva is “practically predestined.”

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