Joe Badden has been criticized for hating BTS “for no reason” and calling the participants Chinese

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American media personality and former rapper Joe Badden was criticized for his comments about BTS after their performance at the 64th Grammy Awards (also known as the 2022 Grammys).

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In a podcast episode Joe Badden The Joe Budden Podcast on April 6 spoke about the Grammy Awards ceremony and spoke about his attitude to BTSsaid: «I hate these niggas out BTS».

When his co-leaders, Ice and Ishtold him he was “wild” and asked why he hated BTS, Joe Badden asked them in reply if he needed a reason to hate them. His co-hosts told him it was music BTS really good, but following this comment he only doubled his hatred for BTS. Joe Badden stated:

«I don’t want to hear this shit. I don’t want to see their dance moves. I don’t want to see you coming down from the sky in some little umbrella… I don’t want to see any of this shit. I don’t want to look at it. I know they’re popular, I know it’s China, and I don’t want to look at it».

When his co-workers reminded him that BTS actually from South Korea, Joe Badden called them Korea * NSYNC, which was a reference to the American boy band * NSYNC. He then wondered aloud why people can’t hate popular musicians without explaining the reasons. He asked, “Why do you think that if the band is popular or the show is great and they are talented, you can’t hate them? ”

Once again, his advisers said that he should indicate the reason for his hatred BTSif he’s going to hate them. They stated that “Disgusting” to hate someone for no reason.

When ARMY found out about that Joe Badden said in his podcast, they turned to Twitter to express their disapproval of his comments.

«Joe Badden watered with mud BTS, but knew exactly every detail of their Grammy performance. Isn’t there too much attention for someone you supposedly “hate” for no damn reason. Envy is a disease. ”

«Joe Badden damn hater. “

“There is nothing wrong with not loving BTS. Everyone has different musical tastes and all that…… but his ignorant comments were superfluous. “

“I just heard a podcast Joe Badden about how he hates BTS. Just say you are a racist and a xenophobe. It’s much faster than saying you hate them, but “you should have no reason.” Just close your mouth. They are more successful than you will ever be. Keep envying. “

Meanwhile, Joe Badden also went on Twitter to declare that he would not tolerate insults.

“It’s cool to be a victim of bullying for expressing your musical opinion, lol”

“What? Are they going to dance me to a pulse? Will they aggressively throw a deck of cards at me? Лол 😭😭 »

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