Joe Abercrombie is preparing a new trilogy – a spy fantasy action movie News

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Joe Abercrombie announced in detail his next work – The Devils (“Devils”). It will be the first volume of a new trilogy.

Cycle is described as an amalgam of fantasy, thriller, spy action and robbery stories. The rights to the English edition were acquired by Gollancz, with which Joe had worked before. Preliminarily The Devils will be released in 2025.

In a Europe full of magic and under constant threat of elven invasion, the ten-year-old Pope occasionally needs services that the righteous cannot provide. So, deep under the catacombs, cathedrals and repositories of the relics of the Holy City is the secret chapel of the Holy Expediency. For its very specific members — including a selfish magician, a smug vampire, a sexually preoccupied werewolf, and a knight cursed by immortality — there is no mission that cannot be turned into a catastrophic bloodbath.

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Recently, the final novel of the trilogy “Age of Madness” was published in Russian, which continued the events of the Circle of the Earth.

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