JK Simmons and Sissy Spacek keep an incredible secret in the trailer for the fantasy “Night Sky”

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Retirees and a secret room. Amazon’s streaming service has released a trailer for a multi-series fantasy drama “Night sky” with J. K. Simmons and Sissy Spacek in the lead roles. The premiere of the series is scheduled for May 20.

Irene York (Spacek) and her husband Franklin (Simmons) have kept an incredible secret for a long time – many years ago in their backyard they discovered a room with a portal leading to another planet. They did not dare to tell anyone about their discovery, but one day a mysterious stranger (Chai Hansen) appears in their life, and their ancient discovery turns out to be something much more significant than they could have imagined.

The creator is Alden Miller, who is also listed as the executive producer of the project with his showrunner Daniel C. Connelly. Production is managed by Amazon Studios and Legendary Television.

And the poster:

Night Sky Posters

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